Faith, Love and Leadership

Projects and Programmes

The Damishi & Esther Sango Foundation carries our projects and programmes that enhance faith, love and leadership. 

Danwal Church Renovation
Ganawuri, Plateau State

The Foundation has made grants to support the renovation of the Church of Christ in Nations building in Danwal Ganawuri, a church at the centre of the community, carrying out the great commission.

Higher Ground College, Danwal
Ganawuri, Plateau State

The Foundation has made grants to support the establishment of a new secondary school in Danwal – Higher Ground College, following the closure of the Mount of Transfiguration College in Danwal due to the poor state of facilities.

Honor in Politics

The Autobiography of Honorouble Damishi Sango to be titled “Honor in Politics” is currently being edited, ready for publication in 2023. The book promises to provide an insight into family and politics in Nigeria.

Damishi Sango Cup
Launching Soon

Following the success of previous football events, The Foundation will now be organising The Damishi Sango Football Cup annually, bringing together teams to compete for various prizes in fierce but friendly matches.

Esther Sango Scholarship
Launching Soon

The Foundation is proud to announce the imminent launch of the Esther Sango Scholarship for eligible students in Secondary Schools within the Ganawuri and Bokkos Communities. More details to follow shortly.

Community Library Construction
Launching Soon

The Foundation is raising funds to build a Public Library in Ganawuri, equipped with books and computers to, serve as a learning hub offering training courses in leadership and supporting local schools.