Faith, Love and Leadership


For days I have struggled to write but words fail me, I know you are in a better place but pains arising from the fact that I and the baby did not have the opportunity like my siblings to see you in your final moments but i remember our last conversation on the 11th of January where u were concerned about my health and that of the baby… mama, I am better and the baby is much much better.

I remember fondly how to call me "Lamisawa" hmmm, I remember the many things you thought me, in 2009 just before you traveled for a surgery, you taught me that in life I must always look for what God is trying to say in every happening that in your ill health, it is now that you can't see that it occurred to you that you have never thanked God for sight… this lesson stuck with me and till now I have learnt to be grateful in every situations no matter how hard.

Mummy, you were a queen and more, a woman and more. We are all witnesses to the life you led and your love for Christ and humanity, and that is my confidence with my full chest to say that our loss is heaven's gain.

Continue to rest on mama, till we meet to part no more.