Faith, Love and Leadership

For her, there was no middle road. She either took you, or she never met you at all. She loved everyone in the best way possible. If she meets you once, you have become a son to her. She will remember as many details as possible. Months later, she would ask you about that small thing you mentioned to her casually.

She was called "Mama," not just because it was a tradition but because she was truly a caring woman. She would solve your need no matter how little, and she would pay attention to your needs even to the point of embarrassment. Her smiles, which are evident in so many of her photos, were not just for the camera; it was something she wore every day. She had a smile for everyone.

Giving was her lifestyle. There were no ends to her gifts. I will miss her. It is painful that she is gone, but we are the lucky ones, we knew her on a personal level. We encountered a woman whose heart was too big for a single family, she shared it with many others.