Faith, Love and Leadership

Again, the sunset at noonday made darkness fill our hearts, throwing the family into mourning. I am distraught with grief and life seems to be losing its meaning. My faith is ebbing away because my beloved mother who taught me the ways of faith, the ways of life, is gone.
Oh mama, like the Biblical Dorcas, you devoted your life to serving humanity with your ceaseless love, passion, and ever-flowing milk of kindness.

Mama, your indiscriminate love, tolerance, and accommodating spirit set many destinies to greatness and I am a living example. The pedestal of life I am standing on today, would not have been possible without you standing as a ladder for me to climb on top of. You encouraged us never to give up, and you fed us with both physical and spiritual food so that we may live and forget not our creator.
You were a great evangelist who never gave up on a mission. A case in point is the boys (now men) who lived in the boys' quarters BQ". They never wanted to join either family morning devotion or Wednesday family altar. You took this as a personal mission until the BQ guys truly encountered the Lord. We owe you a debt of gratitude, dear Mummy.

Your love for humanity was your passion. I can only recall how you founded an NGO, the EndTime Women In Intercessions (ETWINS) for purpose of evangelism and helping the indigents. You passionately pursued this vision and I can testify how you gave hope to the hopeless, defended the defenseless, provided shelter to the homeless, prayed for the sick, and above all, harvested souls unto the kingdom.

Your heart was large enough to accommodate all manner of behaviours. That is why the family became like the melting pot where all kinds of people could fall back on, seek refuge, or come for help and or satisfy their hunger. You never discriminate because your life truly exemplified a contemporary mother Teresa who finds it pleasurable to touch the lives of the poor and impact humanity positively.

Adeh, you were the greatest asset that every home could take pride in. Your life as a mother was exemplary, and your life as a wife was more or less a mirror that tells how wives should manage the home to achieve a successful marriage life. You were indeed a great mother in Israel who admonished us to live peaceably to end well in life's journey.

You were a great influencer in all aspects of life. Never a time that we met that you will not request to raise an altar of prayer. My last moments with you will remain memorable. I remember with nostalgia when I told you about my scholarship, you prophetically sealed it and declared it a success. When we spoke on phone early this year, you prayed and blessed me. You jokingly told me that you will be waiting to receive the "big game" that I will be bringing from China. These words gave me hope and confidence that you will continue to fight to stay for the family having fought this battle for 13 years. Little did I know that it was a farewell moment.
Your death is one too many, too hard to believe, and too heavy to relieve. I am bathed in pain yet my hope is renewed because I know our loss is heaven's gains. Continue to rest in peace Adeh till we meet at Jesus feet where there is no sorrow no pain.
Adieu, Mama.